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Kiln-Dried Firewood


Our premium, kiln-dried firewood consists entirely of mixed hardwoods including oak, maple, ash, hickory and birch.


The logs are cut and split by a mechanical processor to uniform lengths of 15 ½ to 16 inches which promotes easy handling, stacking, and fitment in the majority of fireplaces. The logs are then dried in a dehumidification kiln to temperatures up to 210 degrees, which produces firewood that is fully seasoned and ready to burn.

Kiln-dried firewood offers several advantages over air-dried firewood:

  • It is clean and insect free with no mold, moss, or lichens

  • It lights easily and burns hot

  • It has less moisture, averaging 6-10% vs. 20-25% for freshly seasoned logs and produces less creosote, which can damage your chimney

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