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Firewood has been our only business for over 40 years and we remain committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product and most reliable service on the market. To ensure consistent quantity and quality, our firewood is placed on individual pallets. This allows us to store our wood off the ground which improves airflow and ensures thorough seasoning. It also allows us to standardize the quantity so that our customers get the same amount of quality firewood every time they order. Each pallet equates to a face cord: a single stack of 16” logs 4 ft. high by 8 ft. wide, which is designed to fill a standard wood rack.

In response to changes in the marketplace, we now offer two kinds of firewood: naturally seasoned and kiln-dried. Our kiln-dried wood has a higher moisture content, a bit longer burn time and generates a little more heat than naturally seasoned. However, since it is stored outside, at certain times of the year it can pick up more moisture if exposed to repeated rain and/or snow.  This does not affect the degree of seasoning, but the wood may require some additional drying time after delivery before it lights easily.

Our premium kiln-dried firewood is processed and stored indoors. Logs are placed in a dehumidification kiln and brought to temperatures of 210° F. This produces dry, ready-to-burn firewood that always lights and burns easily. It also yields cleaner logs that are free of any mold, lichens, and insects, so the wood can be stored neatly inside your home.  Kiln dried logs are delivered dry and no additional drying time should be necessary.

For more details on our firewood, pricing, and service have a look around our website where you will also find a convenient online order form. If you still have questions reach out to us via e-mail or phone and we will get back to you promptly. 

Hauser Firewood in Brewster, NY specializes in premium, select split hardwoods, fully seasoned and ready to burn.
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